How License Sharing Works

All ClearCalcs licenses work on a floating concurrency model - i.e. they are 'shared' by default. 

How many can access ClearCalcs at once?

Only as many users may be logged in and working on a project in ClearCalcs at any one time as you have subscribed shared licenses. So for example, if you have one shared license, one person may use the software at a time. We only measure users actively working on projects and calculations, so IT and billing administrators do not count towards your limit.

How many users can I add? 

You may add as many users as you would like to ClearCalcs, so everyone still gets the benefit and security of their own account and projects. 

What happens if I go over my user limit?

If too many users log in at once, you don't need to worry - we'll give a friendly warning that you're over your limit, and if this happens repeatedly we may show upgrade options or contact you to discuss subscribing for additional licenses.