How individual and shared plans work

ClearCalcs offers several subscription types to cater for a range of individual engineers and teams. 

Individual Plans

For solo engineers, our Individual plan allows a single named user to log in and access ClearCalcs from any device.

Shared Plans

For Teams, our Shared plans make it easy for groups of any size to share and access ClearCalcs.

How many users can I add? 

On a Shared plan, you may add as many users as you would like to ClearCalcs, so everyone still gets the benefit and security of their own account and projects. 

How many can access ClearCalcs at once?

Only as many users may be logged in and working on a project in ClearCalcs at any one time as you have subscribed shared licenses. So for example, if you have one shared license, one person may use the software at a time. We only measure users actively working on projects and calculations, so IT and billing administrators do not count towards your limit.

What happens if I go over my user limit?

If too many users log in at once, you don't need to worry - we'll give a friendly warning that you're over your limit, and if this happens repeatedly we may show upgrade options or contact you to discuss subscribing for additional licenses.

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