How to Design a Concrete Beam to AS3600:2018

Our rectangular concrete beam calculation allows analysis and design of a multi span, multi load beam to AS3600-2018.

Assumptions and Limitations

Rectangular Concrete Beam 


  1. No torsion,
  2. No prestressing,
  3. Cl 8.3 detailing requirements are checked separately,
  4. Beams are interior and some cracking is acceptable (Cl 8.6.1),
  5. Secondary effects on V_uc and load reversal are not applicable (Cl

Simply supported and continuous RC beam worked examples

How to Design a Concrete Beam Using AS3600:2018 in ClearCalcs from ClearCalcs on Vimeo.

Rectangular concrete beam design to AS3600-2018 webinar & slides

The following webinar gives an overview of concrete beam design and worked examples using the ClearCalcs concrete beam template ( Jump to 29 minutes for worked examples).



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