What is a Beta Template?

After being created by our team and rigorously cross-checked against the relevant Standards, academic articles, and hand computations, each template is handed over to one or more external and independent third party engineering firms with specific expertise in the area the template deals in. These third-party checkers thoroughly review the calculations, check output against their own computations, and provide feedback on design considerations and structure. At or during this time, we may release the template as a 'Beta Template' so that our users may preview what's upcoming, and have a chance to provide their feedback on the calculation before the template is finalised. The Beta Template tag clearly denotes that these templates have not yet completed our strenuous quality assurance process, and as such, we strongly advise against their use in production jobs. Once we are satisfied with the template, we will remove the beta tag and notify users of its availability. Please note that sheets created using the beta template will retain the beta tag, even after the template's full release, reflecting the version of the template they were based on.

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