Linking Loads and Reactions Between Calculators (Load Path Tracking)

ClearCalcs makes it easy to link reactions between beams, columns, and foundations as point loads or line loads where applicable. In this way, you can dynamically track loads through a structure.

No need to copy and paste reactions between calculations! If the top calculator's reactions change, the loads being inherited onto the lower calculator will update automatically. This includes all loads such as dead, live, snow, seismic, and wind.

Anywhere you see the chain link icon, you can click to link a load (reaction) from another calculator in your project.

Here's a short video we recorded of load tracking in action:

Linking Distributed Rafter / Joist Loads

Did you know that rafters or joists may be linked into a bearer as a line load?

This would be useful in the case where regularly spaced beams each will have the same reaction. This may be visualised to the diagram of a floor joist below:

To do this, enter the joist spacing as shown below:

Then in your header beam, link the Floor Joist as a "Line Load":

Some things to note:

  • If you make changes to a beam which is linked and bearing onto others, make sure to check those sheets to ensure they are still passing (you can see their status in the sidebar or member schedule)
  • ClearCalcs will automatically detect and stop circular references, but it will not allow you to delete beams that are linked to each other. You will be warned that other sheets are linked to this before you delete, and if you proceed you'll need to go to those sheets and clear the link/point load.