Proprietary Glulam Products Grade Matching

At ClearCalcs, we offer design tools for wood structures that include a variety of products, including glulam. This wood product, consisting of dimension lumber laminations glued together (hence "glu-lam"), is highly standardized, offers efficient use of wood and a great visual appearance.

In general, glulam products are specified with standardized grades set up by the APA. The APA's website offers a vast amount of information on these glulam grades that be accessed for free. There are a few manufacturers that have added custom branding to their glulam grades, but these can generally be matched with standard APA grades. This article serves to collect different manufacturer designations and the APA grade to which they can be matched. 

Note that you should always confirm design properties and availability with your supplier before specifying these glulam grades.


BoozerBeams are high strength glulam beams made of Southern Pine, manufactured in Anniston, AL. They offer a variety of different grades, which can be matched below:

Boozer Beam Designation ClearCalcs/APA Designation
30F-2.1E SP
1.9E I-Joist Compatible Glulam Beam
26F-1.9E SP
1.8E I-Joist Compatible Glulam Beam
24F-1.8E SP
1.9E Structural Glulam Column
No. 50 SP
1.7E Structural Glulam Column
No. 48 SP

Anthony Forest Products

Anthony Forest Products are the largest producer of Southern Pine glulam in America. They produce a variety of glulam grades out of their two plants in Arkansas and Georgia.

Anthony Designation ClearCalcs/APA Designation
Power Beam 30F-2.1E SP*
Stock and Custom Glulam 24F-V3 SP (unbalanced)
24F-V5M1 SP (balanced)
PRG (Power Rated Glulam)
24F-V5M1 SP
Power Preserved Glulam
24F-V5M1 SP
Power Preserved Column
No. 50 SP
Power Column  No. 50 SP

*In some cases, 7" wide Power Beams may be of 28F-2.1E SP grade. Please verify with suppliers.