Truss Types

This is a visual guide to all the truss types supported by the ClearCalcs Truss Analysis Calculator. In each of the truss diagrams, the total truss height is marked with an 'h' and the total truss width is marked with a 'w'.

  1. Flat Trusses
  2. Roof Trusses
  3. Scissors Trusses
  4. Mono Trusses
  5. Other (Gambrel Truss, Hip Truss)

1. Flat Trusses

Flat Warren Truss

Flat Pratt Truss

Flat Howe Truss

Flat Brown Truss

2. Roof Trusses

King Post Roof Truss

Single Fan Roof Truss

Simple Fink Roof Truss

Queen Post Roof Truss

Fink Roof Truss

Howe Roof Truss

Fan Roof Truss

Roof Tie Truss

Multi-Panel Roof Truss

Double Fink Roof Truss

Double Howe Roof Truss

Triple Fan Roof Truss

Attic Roof Truss

3. Scissors Trusses

Simple Scissors Truss

Howe Scissors Truss

Multi-Panel Scissors Truss

4. Mono Trusses

Mono Fink Truss

Mono Howe Truss

Mono Fink Scissors Truss

Mono Howe Scissors Truss

5. Other

Gambrel (Barn) Truss

Simple Hip Truss