Eurocodes and National Annexes - Where to Get Them!

The Eurocodes

Developed in the early to mid 2000s, the Eurocodes were meant as a way to unify the building standards for most of Europe. Technically, the Eurocodes are a collection of 10 major standards: EN 1990 through EN 1999, sometimes also referred to as "EC0" through "EC9". The countries which have adopted the Eurocodes are not exactly the same group as the European Union - they are instead a different group of countries which are members of the European Committee for Standardisation - and include, for example, the United Kingdom (despite Brexit), Norway, and Turkey. Because each country still wanted - and in some cases needed - to modify the standards slightly to their own geography, weather, or common construction techniques, the Eurocode standards each set out numerous Nationally Determined Parameters (NDPs), which are usually defined in a National Annex (NA) that each country develops independently for each standard. 

Unfortunately, while the standards themselves are fairly well unified, there is no central repository of either the standards or the National Annexes. The National Annexes in particular are developed by each individual country's standards body or government building department, and so are generally only available directly from the national body responsible for them. Below, we've outlined what all the National Annexes are, where you can actually get a copy of them, if they costs money, and if they're available in English. But first:

The Main Eurocode Documents

The main Eurocode documents - the standards that are the same for all countries - can be acquired through almost any country's standards body. The important point, however, is that they are all the same. "BS EN 1991-1-4" is exactly the same content as "DIN EN 1991-1-4", "SR EN 1991-1-4", or any other prefix. They'll have different cover pages, but the content is identical. Of note, you can get these main Eurocode documents for free, from

EN Title # of Subs Summary of Subsections
EN 1990 Basis of Structural Design 1
EN 1991 Actions on Structures 7 1-1: Dead,
1-2: Fire,
1-3: Snow,
1-4: Wind,
1-5: Thermal,
1-6: Construction, &
1-7: Accidental
EN 1992 Design of Concrete Structures 4 1-1: General, 1-2: Fire,
2: Bridges,
3: Liquid Retaining
EN 1993 Design of Steel Structures 20 1-1: General, 1-2: Fire,
1-3: CFS, 1-4: Stainless,
1-5: Plated, 1-6: Shell,
1-7: Out-of-Plane, 1-8: Joints,
1-9: Fatigue, 1-10: Toughness,
1-11: Tension, 1-12: HSS,
2: Bridges,
3-1: Towers, 3-2: Chimneys,
4-1: Silos, 4-2: Tanks, 4-3: Pipes,
5: Pilings,
6: Cranes
EN 1994 Design of Composite Steel
& Concrete Structures
3 1-1: General, 1-2: Fire,
2: Bridges
EN 1995 Design of Timber Structures 3 1-1: General, 1-2: Fire,
2: Bridges
EN 1996 Design of Masonry Structures 4 1-1: General, 1-2: Fire,
2: Materials,
3: Simplified Unreinforced
EN 1997 Geotechnical Design 2 1: General,
2: Ground Investigations
EN 1998 Design of Structures for
Earthquake Resistance
6 1: General,
2: Bridges,
3: Retrofitting,
4: Silos & Pipes,
5: Geotechnical,
6: Towers & Chimneys
EN 1999 Design of Aluminium Structures 5 1-1: General, 1-2: Fire,
1-3: Fatigure,
1-4: Cold-Formed,
1-5: Shell

The National Annexes

The National Annexes are generally provided by each country's national standards body, but may also be provided by a government building department. In the table below, you'll find each of the countries which use the Eurocodes, and where to get a hold of their National Annex documents. Where possible, we've linked to the English version of the page, though sometimes only the national language(s) are available. Usually, these take the form of some type of online store for the standards body, so in these, you'll need to do a search for the specific EN 199X standard for which you're seeking the National Annex. There are also a couple countries for which we have not yet found where to acquire their National Annexes, if they exist. If you're able to help us complete this table, then please send a message to!

Country Abbr. Free? English? Link to Buy / Download Notes
Austria ONORM No Yes Austrian Standards Webshop
Belarus Ткп
? ? ? Standards body: TNPA
Belgium NBN No No Bureau for Standardisation
French or Dutch only
Bosnia &
BAS No  Yes  Institute for Standardisation

Bulgaria БДС
Part Yes  Bulgarian Institute for

Bulgarian versions free,
English are not
Cyprus CYS Yes  Yes  Cyprus Organisation
for Standardisation
Website is not in English,
but Annexes are 
Czech Republic CSN  No No    Czech Agency for Standardization Standards body: UNMZ.
Denmark DS Yes  Yes  Danish Standards
Estonia EVS No  Yes  Estonian Centre of

Finland SFS Yes  Yes  Finish Standards Association English versions are
France FN No  No  AFNOR Boutique (Shop) French only
Germany DIN No  Yes  Beuth (Official DIN Retailer)
German only 
Greece ΕΛΟΤ
No  No  ELOT Sales Greek only
Hungary MSZ No  On
Hungarian Standards

Must contact directly
for English service
Iceland IST  No  No  Icelandic Standards 
Icelandic only
Ireland IS  No  Yes  National Standards
Authority of Ireland

Italy UNI Yes  No  (unofficial source) Single document
Latvia LVS No  No  Latvian Standard
Latvian only
Lithuania LST No  No  Lithuanian Standards Board 
Lithuanian only
Luxembourg ILNAS Yes  No  ILNAS E-Shop French only
Malta MSA ? ? ? May not have
National Annexes.
Standards body: MCCAA
Netherlands NEN No Some NEN Webshop All in French or Dutch,
only some in English
North Macedonia MKC No No Standardization Institute Macedonian only
Norway NS No Yes Standards Norway Webshop
Poland PN No No Polish Committee for
Polish only
Portugal NP Yes Yes IPQ Catalog
Standards body: IPQ.
Portuguese versions free;
English are not.
Romania SR No Yes Romanian Standards
Association Catalog
Serbia SRPS No No Institute for Standardization
of Serbia
Serbian only
Slovakia STN No No Slovak Office of Standards... Slovakian only
Slovenia SIST No No Slovenian Institute for
Slovenian only
Spain UNE ? ? AENOR Store May not have
National Annexes.
Standards body: UNE.
Sweden BFS Yes Yes Boverket Application of
EN Standards
Annexes not handled by
standards body ( SIS
Switzerland SN No No SNV Shop German or French only
Turkey TS No No Standard Arama May not have
National Annexes.
Standards body: TSE
United Kingdom BS Part Yes British Standards
Institute Shop
Some are available
free from